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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Super Cat Creates A Stir

A 24 metre long, 11 metre wide, 110 tonne super catamaran is being finished off beside the Manawatu Marine Boating Club at Foxton.


This vessel created the stir because as it was being transported in sections from the manufacturers in Palmerston North to the launch site beside the Manawatu River. One of the sections was a contributing factor (but not involved) in a fatal crash, in that a following driver failed to notice a slow moving vehicle coming up and ploughed into a car and truck following the slow moving transporter, killing the occupants of the car. The three vehicles then burst in flames. Very very tragic and unnecessary.

It has also become some what of a tourist attraction as such a large vessel being reassembled and launched into the Manawatu River at Foxton is a very rare sight. To good an opportunity for many to miss.

To get a perspective of the size of this vessel the following photo showing the vessel and club rooms gives a good indication.


The vessel to be named “Guru” and is destined to ply its trade in Darwin Australia for the oil and gas industry. It is not the prettiest ship around but then it is a working boat and only needs to be functional.

Here are some more photos showing different perspectives.




Final fit out should be finished by today as the 30th is to be launch day. The next test will be will it get over the Manawatu River bar – I guess they have thought through that scenario – time will tell.

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