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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Birds and Spiders

A few sparrows have been visiting us lately, landing on the top of our external security screen door.  They must be after insects, we suspect, as the birds hover over the door for short bursts, with their wings madly flapping, before flying away again.  This happens most days, we notice, but of course the birds don’t bother to hang around while I get the camera out.

There are a few spider webs outside on the guttering, we notice, and the birds make a bee-line for them as well.  Not sure if they are after the spiders, or the insects trapped in the web, but whatever it is, they like to come calling.  So our (outside) spider webs will just have to stay put, to entertain both the birds and us.  We hasten to add that there are NO spider webs inside the house!

We’ve only just returned home from our last camping trip, it seems, and we are packing up to go away again.  This weekend our caravan club is hosting the biennial Regional Rally, with campers attending from the other caravan clubs in our region.  All the plans are in place, so it should be a good, although very busy weekend.

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