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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Warrant of Fitness for Muffy

It was time for Muffy to visit the vet for her annual vaccination.  And we really wanted her to get a thorough check, as she is quite an old girl now.  She turned 18 this month, so no wonder she is getting a little creaky and temperamental.  Muffy wasn’t too impressed with getting bundled into the cat cage.  After all, these days she usually travels in the back seat, securely attached to the seat belt by her harness.  But for protection, and our peace of mind, the cat cage was necessary for a trip to the vets.

P1230006 What did you bring me here for?

While we were waiting for our turn, a lady walked by with a little white hairy dog.  “She loves cats”, we were told.  How many times have we heard that from dog owners?  Their dog may well like cats, but most cats don’t want a strange dog to approach them. 

The vets in Levin service the surrounding rural area as well as the local pets.  Someone from a local farm was at the vet’s the same time as us, leaving his gumboots at the door.  Just as well he didn’t bring his prize bull inside!

P1230005Gumboots at the door - not a sight you see in the big city

Then it was our turn and we took Muffy into the consultation room.  The vet gave her a good going over, listening to her heart, palpating her abdomen, and checking the movement in her joints.  Muffy then suffered the indignity of having her temperature taken, not a nice thing to happen to a lady at all, she told us crossly!    The vaccination was soon done, and all the poking and prodding was over.  We already knew that Muffy has the beginnings of kidney problems, not an unusual thing in elderly cats.  She also seems to have some arthritis in her back.  But she is eating well, and not drinking excessively.  We will keep an eye on her progress, keeping her comfortable and secure, and deal with any further health issues when we have to.
Muffy was a little out of sorts after her visit to the vet’s for her WOF, and decided to hide herself away.  We couldn’t find her in her preferred places, where could she be?  Finally tracked her down, in the corner under the chair by the the breakfast table.  According to cat logic, if she can’t see us, we won’t be able to see her.

P1240003 I don’t want to talk to anyone

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