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Monday, 20 January 2014

Regional Rally comes to the end

With Sunday being a free day at the rally, people took the opportunity to go shopping or visiting friends, or just relax in the sun shine for the day.   Activity around camp increased dramatically as everyone set up for the communal barbecue.  The sausages and steaks were soon sizzling, and the accompanying salads soon arrived.  We all ate outside together in the late afternoon sunshine.   Barry’s set-up caused a bit of a stir, as he perched on his very low chair, cooking on his even lower-to-the-ground barbecue.  He wasn’t the least bit put out about various comments from everyone remarking that he needed higher legs on his equipment.  It suited him fine, he said.

P1190027 Barry cooking his low down sausages

P1190030 It’s only water, so she said!

There was a Pub Quiz arranged in the hall later in the evening, and everyone was put into teams of four.   Derek was quizmaster and he called out question after question.  This caused us to rack our brains as we tried to think of the answers.  Although my team of four came into the “hopeless” category, Robin’s team was the over-all winner for the evening.

P1190033  Derek was quizmaster

The highlight of the evening was the raffle draw.  I had arranged the Goodie Basket raffle, filled with all sorts of grocery items, tins, bottles and packets, all donations from our club members.  Then there were 20 various raffle prizes, all nicely wrapped up, plus a special Lucky Van prize.  As Peter helped me draw out the winning number for the gift basket, I was in a bit of a dilemma.  What if I chose my own number?  As much as I would have loved to win the basket, it was probably just as well that I pulled out fellow club member’s Don and Pamela’s ticket instead.

P1190034 And the lucky winner is????

After the 20 raffle prizes had been drawn, it was time for the Lucky Van draw.  This was a very generous donation from Tongariro Holiday Park for a voucher to stay for four nights.  Wellington Caravan Club member Marie was the lucky winner, and was thrilled with her prize.

The Closing Ceremony took place on Monday morning, and before the club flags were lowered, wrapped up and put away we had one more thing to do.  Time to take the club photos of us all sporting the club colours.  Robin got his tripod out, set up the camera with a delay, and raced back to the group just before the buttons started flashing.

P1208169 Heretaunga Caravan Club members

The Regional Rally was finally over, and our club was very pleased with how the weekend went, not too many hiccoughs at all.  Whew – all our hard work had paid off.  We were very lucky with the weather, it always makes such a difference when we can do outside activities.    The next Regional Rally will take place in two year’s time, but we won’t have to worry about the organisation.  One of the other clubs will have this worry, and we we have to do is attend as guests. 

Once home, and in the middle of unpacking, the caravan started bouncing around violently, as we experienced a 6.2 earthquake.  There were only two of the "steadies" down in the corners, and the car was unhooked and parked at a right angle to the front of the caravan, and was bouncing up and down too.  I had visions of the caravan being thrown into the side of the car by the force of the earthquake.  Luckily this didn't happen, but many smaller aftershocks continued, it was reported.

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Annette said...

I did wonder if "Romany Rambler" did a Rumba with the quake....glad you had no damage. Melbourne...had a 3.something quake Monday last week!!!