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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Time to head for Home

The rain was pouring down during our last night in camp, so we bundled up and drove down to the local Boat Club for a farewell dinner.  Looking out the big picture windows looking over the Manawatu River Estuary showed just how bleak the evening was.  We arrived quite early, and just as well as the restaurant filled up fast.  Several large groups from the NZMCA Drop In Rally at Foxton Beach School had the same idea as us, and we caught up with several people from this group whom we knew.  

P1030008 View from the restaurant

Luckily the rain had eased this morning when we had to dismantle the porch awning and pack up.  I took a walk up to the big red bin to dispose of the final bit of rubbish, and saw Neil the caretaker open up the lid, jump inside, and stamp his feet to compress the rubbish down.  Don’t think I would fancy doing that.

P1030004 Getting ready for more rubbish donations

The on-site dump station at this camp is certainly a talking point.  Not that it is my job to do this particular camping chore, it’s definitely one for husbands to attend to. This one is different as it is a toilet pan imbedded in concrete as the dump point, not a regular setup as normally seen.

PC310024 The camp dump site

As we were all hooked up and heading home, it was just as easy to go to the local Council dump site today.  Geoff arrived just before us, we were second in line, with two motor-homes came in soon afterwards.

P1040012 Waiting to use the dump station

It was only a short 20km drive till we arrived home.  The worst part of a trip always seems to be the unpacking, cleaning the fridge, vacuuming the floor, but once it’s done we are all set for the next trip away.  We’ll just get settled down into house mode, then we are away again in two weeks time.  What a great life!

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