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Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday Morning Movies

A wet Monday morning seemed a good time to go to the local cinema to check out one of the films that seemed interesting. “The Railway Man” starred Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, and tells the true story of a young British Army officer who is tormented as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labour camp on the Burma Railway (Death Railway) during World War II.  Lomax was lucky to still be alive when the when the prisoners were finally liberated.

Decades later, Lomax discovers that the Japanese interpreter he holds responsible for much of his treatment is still alive.   Close to breaking point, and spurred on by the suicide of his good friend and former officer, Lomax must decide what to do.  Shall he go back and face the past or live with the psychological scars forever?

This film was confronting, sobering, and very brutal, and showed the terrible atrocity of war.  Highly recommended.

Railway Man Poster

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