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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Out of Jail

Hello – Muffy here, the beautiful blond of the family.  My owners took a holiday again and put me in jail once more.  Not that I have anything against the cattery lady, she looks after me very well.  But fair’s fair – locked up for two weeks and I didn’t even do anything wrong!

DSCF1208 Taking me home from the cattery

And guess what?  They expected me to be all smoochy with them, when they finally came to take me home last weekend. they must have been feeling guilty, I think.  But I made my point -  I’ll be friendly when I feel like it, and not a moment before!

DSCF1209 Let me out of here

I’ve heard them talking, you know, and they have promised to take me away in the caravan with them one weekend.  That sounds like fun, but I’m still waiting.  I’ll let you all know when it finally happens, then hopefully I won’t get put in jail again.

Love from Muffy

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