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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Pig Alert

We had a tap on the window this morning to alert us to the fact that there was a pig in camp.  There she was, obviously a Mummy Pig (we pig lovers know these things) and she was snuffling around amongst the fallen leaves.  She must have come from the farm next door looking for a little extra breakfast.

P4183286 Mummy Pig comes calling

Peter came out with a crust of bread.  “Here, piggy”, he called.  Quick as a wink the pig trotted over and gulped down the crust.  Perhaps she wants more – I went inside to get another crust.  Gobble, gobble, down that went too (frozen as well).  Then a lady from a camper-van came out with an apple.  Yum, that took a bit of chewing but the pig really really seemed to enjoy her apple.  Not to be outdone, I went back to our caravan and offered a feijoa.  Down the hatch that went too.  Our pig was not a fussy eater and she had obviously worked out that coming to visit the campers guaranteed her a little extra breakfast. After she had done the rounds we saw her later over her own side of the fence.

P4183294 Here, piggy, piggy

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