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Monday, 6 April 2009

The Gas Man Cometh

With winter just around the corner, it was time to get our inbuilt gas heater serviced.  The maintenance company we usually deal with was offering an “Early Bird Gas Servicing Offer”.  Just what we needed, we decided,  to make sure our heater was in tip top condition during the winter months.  We had a problem with it last winter.

Arranging the gas service was a little difficult.  “It has to be after 3.00pm”, we said.  (Jenny doesn’t get home till then, and Robin can be any time since he is driving the truck all day).  We settled on a day and the gas man duly arrived.  Robin didn’t expect to be there for the appointment and he had some instructions for Jenny to pass on.  Our heater was pulled apart and duly inspected.  Seemed we needed a couple of new parts, so everything was put back again.

DSCF0770 Working on the heater

A couple of weeks later the gas man returned with the parts.  The heater was pulled apart again and he  fitted a new thermocouple.  The fan motor ordered would not fit the heater,  so the heater was reassembled.  He would order another motor with the correct fitting.

Another visit later on and it was third time lucky.  This time the fan motor went in place without any trouble.  All the parts and wiring were tested and checked and the fault seems to have been rectified.    So now we are all set for the winter chills.

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