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Sunday, 12 April 2009

20th National Rally

The skirl of the pipes set the scene as the flag bearers marched in carrying their club banners. Representatives from clubs throughout the North Island attended plus one couple from Australia, our friends Steve and Elaine. These two keen caravaners have attended the last eight National Rallies in New Zealand – great going, you two!!


The Heretaunga Representatives

The weather couldn’t have been better and Wairoa was bathed in the hot Hawkes Bay sun for the Easter weekend. Admittedly the temperatures dropped dramatically overnight, but once the sun came up again things soon warmed up again.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the “Blind Driving Contest”. The driver is blindfolded and the navigator has to give instructions. No way was I going to put myself through that, I told Robin in no uncertain terms. So we sat in our camp chairs and watched the proceedings. Cars and motor homes lined up ready to take the challenge. Ooops, why are Ann and George driving up that rise, that’s not the right way!! Then Andy and Bev from our club had a go. Bev was the blind driver while Andy gave instructions. She commented later that when Andy told her to “drive two metres”, she had no idea how far to go.


The Winning Team - "Heretaunga Redheads"

Not to be outdone by their scaredy-cat wives, Robin and Peter teamed up. They donned red wigs and called themselves the “Heretaunga Redheads”. Peter bravely drove his Ford Fairmont blindfolded while Robin navigated around the cones. At the end of the competition the judges decision was final. The winners were the “Heretaunga Redheads”.


Navigating the Course

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Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny and Robin
Hope you enjoy your holiday. Well done the Heretaunga Redheads! I have done this once with myself the driver and my dad the navigator many years ago and I can still remember how scared I was. We were only runnersup though.
Take care Dot