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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Time to change the clocks back

Daylight Saving is now over for another year.  There have been reminders on the radio lately to change the clocks back one hour, and last night was the night to do it.  We find that it always take about a week for our body clocks to adjust when the time is changed.  A hour shouldn’t make that much difference, but it really does, especially as we get up so early.

We have certainly noticed that the mornings are getting quite chilly.  Wonder how long it will before we get our first frost of the season?

DSCF0978 Leaves staring to turn gold

Some of the trees down our street are getting their autumn colouring before they lose their leaves.  New Zealand native trees are evergreens so it is only the “exotics” planted in parks and home gardens that change colour.  So our  hillsides covered in native bush are green all year round.  Not like the glorious autumn colours we saw on our bus trip up to Niagara Falls last year.  Those colours were outstanding, a mix of green, yellow, brown, orange and flame red.

DSCF0979 Changing to red

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