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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tolaga Bay

We continued our trip along the Pacific Coast Highway today and travelled from Gisborne to Tolaga Bay.  We drove past several surf beaches with keen young board riders enjoying the good conditions. 

DSCF1079 Tolaga Bay Wharf

After we had set up the caravans at the Motor Camp we went for a walk along the wharf.  Tolaga Bay boasts the longest concrete wharf in New Zealand, stretching out 600 metres, and has a railway track running it’s length .  The wharf was built in 1929 and was used when transport was done by coastal shipping.  A restoration project is in place to preserve this historical structure.

DSCF1082 What’s Down There?

Taking a drive around the small settlement we were amused to see a couple of local lads riding their horses down the main street.  Does this make Tolaga Bay a “two horse town”?  The streets are named after Captain Cook’s ships, gentlemen on board and ships officers.  I noticed Forster Street, my maiden name.  Perhaps one of my ancestors sailed out with Captain Cook all those years ago?

P4153248 Back at camp Geoff was having trouble with his waste pipe.  Robin and Peter helped him re-fix the bracket to the caravan to hold the waste pipe in place.


Many Hands Make light Work!

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