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Friday, 10 April 2009

Just passing through Hastings

We are on our way to the National Caravan Rally held at Wairoa and called in to see the rellies at Hastings.  Hastings is synonymous with sunshine and today is no exception – what a lovely sunny morning.

DSCF0980 Kate with Jaffa

The rellies provided morning tea and internet connection.  We admired the new addition to the family – Jaffa. Jaffa only arrived yesterday so has to be kept indoors for a while until she feels more at home.

DSCF0982 Adam with Jaffa

The new cat is so named as her colouring is chocolate and orange.  Just like the New Zealand sweet “Jaffa”, which are small orange coated, chocolate filled balls.  We can remember when a visit to the movies was not complete without a packet of Jaffa's to munch on!!

Next stage of our journey is the 2 hour drive to Wairoa to join the Easter Rally. 

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