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Friday, 1 May 2009

Satellite TV Problems

Something was wrong with our Decoder as every now and again it wouldn’t work properly.  So it was time to get the technician around to check things out.  Rushing home from work, I only just made it before he turned up in his van.  Luckily Robin arrived soon after, so that meant he could talk “men’s talk” about all the technical details.

“I remember installing this”, he said.  That was certainly many years ago now.   Collecting his ladder from the van, he climbed up to inspect  the dish and changed the LNB to the latest version that will eventually look at two satellites.  

DSCF1223 Robin was only too happy to lend a hand.  His job was to guide the metres of cable through the floor, which would eventually be pulled outside.  This gives us two satellite cables thereby future proofing our system.

DSCF1225 Robin – helping out

It was decided to replace the decoder and this was soon wired in place.  “You may as well have one of the new wands too”, we were told.  Then everything was tuned in again and the TV tested to make sure that it was working OK.  Now we will have many more years of satellite TV viewing.

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