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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Brrrr, winter has arrived early

It was a freezing cold day in the Wellington Region yesterday. A coating of snow on the Taraurua ranges show that winter must have arrived early.  It was a matter of donning my coat, scarf and lovely warm sheepskin gloves to keep the winter chills away.

DSCF1265 Other parts of the country fared much worse though.  There was a heavy dumping of snow over much of the South Island, and motorists were asked to stay at home unless their trip was absolutely necessary.  But the usually sunny Bay of Plenty gets the  “worst weather award”.  They experienced water spouts off the coast, heavy rain and two hail storms.  The hail not only caused heavy damage to kiwifruit crops, but also damaged the roof of the Bayfair Shopping Centre.  Shoppers were evacuated when the ceilings collapsed.  What a day!!


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