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Friday, 8 May 2009

Goldfish down the Gurgler

It’s tough being a goldfish these days.  Especially when the recession makes itself felt.  The goldfish at my place of work were made redundant and taken back to ????  I don’t really know where redundant fish go.  All I do know is that the rental contract was not renewed and the goldfish had to go.

DSCF0965 The fish in happier times

I came in to the cafe one morning to collect my early morning cuppa and noticed one poor goldfish floating belly up at the top of the tank.  He must have had a premonition as later that morning the fish tank repo man came calling.  While I was enjoying my morning tea we watched him get down to business.  The  remaining fish were transferred into plastic bags, then the tank water siphoned away.    By the time my lunch break came around and I visited the cafe once again the repossession had been completed.  There was just an empty space where the fish tank had stood.  Bye bye fishies, hope you go to a good home.

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