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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Weekend at Bridge Lodge

The weather man promised a wet weekend for our caravan rally at Bridge Lodge, Otaki, and we certainly got our share of rain. But then Saturday turned out gloriously sunny, if a little cold, for the most part, before the rain started again. Otaki was named by the Maori, Hau (where Hau “held his staff as he spoke”). Hau was a great traveller and bestowed many of the names on the Kapiti Coast.

DSCF1245 “Blowing Bubbles” kept some amused on Saturday morning. The idea was to see who could produce the biggest bubble and/or the bubble which travelled the longest distance. The large bubbles soon popped, while the smaller ones wafted along in the breeze for quite a long way.

DSCF1234 Robin blowing bubbles

After having the rest of Saturday free, we gathered together in the hall in the evening. The wood-burner was stoked up and burning brightly to keep us all toasty warm while the rain poured down outside. We were placed into teams and completed a couple of quizzes to wake our brains up. Then it was horse racing time. Wooden cut out horses were threaded onto a cord and the contestants had to move their horse along the cord to pass the winning post. This was not easy to achieve and frustration got the better of some. After a slow start I managed to make my horse beat the competition and Robin won his race too.

DSCF1251 Robin and Eileen racing their horses

It was Geoff’s birthday on Sunday and the Birthday Fairies had been busy tying balloons to his caravan during the night. Thanks for the chocolate cake for morning tea.

DSCF1256 Geoff handing out birthday cake

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