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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More tyre troubles

On our recent holiday we suffered from a tyre blowout, you may remember.  We took the 4WD into a tyre establishment at Putaruru and 2 new tyres later we were on our way again,  very happy with the service received.  Or so we thought…………

Robin was relating the story of our blowout to the mechanic at work several days later and Alan the mechanic bent down to inspect our new tyres.  “These are the wrong size”, he said in disbelief.  The vehicle takes 275/70/16 and we had been sold a pair of 265/70/16. 


What to do now?  Robin was advised that for a permanent 4 wheel drive vehicle all tyres must be the same size otherwise expensive things happen to the transfer case and other expensive bits. We had been driving around on them for over a week!!  So it was off to the local agent to have the matter sorted.

To say the local manager was shocked is an understatement.  He was on the phone immediately to see what the branch that fitted to wrong size had to say.  The reply was rather a worry.  “Yes”, the Manager said.  “We didn’t have two of the right size so I thought these two would do”.  The reply was it had to be 4 or nothing if the size was being changed.


The resolution was the the local agent put the correct size onto the vehicle and said he would sort it out with the other branch.

The service received from both branches was excellent except for the wrong size.  These people may be considered to be experts but you have to always check up on them something we regret not doing on this occasion.

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