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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Windy Wellington

Wellington lived up to it’s reputation as a windy city this weekend with a dose of bad weather.   The inter island  Cook Strait ferry sailings were suspended due to huge swells, flights into Wellington airport diverted to Palmerston North and winds gusting up to 140kmh damaging power poles and blocking Blue Mountains Rd in Upper Hutt.  That’s a bit too close to home for us!!

Just as well we are not away in the caravan this weekend as the conditions would make it extremely dangerous for towing.


ROCKING AND ROLLING: A ship heads out into Cook Strait from Wellington Harbour yesterday. Photo courtesy Dominion Post.

All this bad weather had an effect on the kitchen, with the cook of the family being extra busy.   A pot of soup is bubbling away on the stove for lunch, and we just had to have a steamed pudding for dessert last night.  There’s nothing like a bit of comfort food to cheer us up on these cold bleak days.

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