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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Young Farmers Competition

The final of Young Farmers competition is fiercely competed on television, and we were lucky enough to watch part of the Wairarapa semi final on Saturday at Greytown. 


Electronic drafting machine

The contestants had to show their skills in all sorts of farming related areas.  We watched while the young men strung a  3 wire fence, and put a wheel back on a quad bike.  They had to work an electronic drafting machine to weigh and sort sheep.  A seed drill had to be set up, and calibrate a fertiliser spray set up .  Bees are a very important part of pasture and crop health so the contestants had to show their knowledge in this area as well.  Skills in animal husbandry are required so expertise in drenching had to be shown.  The winners will go on to take part in final which will be televised in the near future.


Setting up the Seed Drill

After the contestants had completed the practical challenges, they had to take part in a “Cook Off”.  There were eight barbeques arranged in a circle and the young farmers had to show their expertise in this very manly Kiwi chore.


Building a 3 wire fence

There were fun things happening for tomorrows young farmers as well, with the “Agrikids” competition also taking place.  The local schools had teams entered and they had their own courses to complete.  On the agenda we noticed gumboot throwing and milking a make believe cow.  Some of these children could well be contestants of the Young Farmers competition when they grow up.


Just how would you milk this cow?

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