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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

How the other half lives

We went to see  “how the other half lives”.  Or, in other words, stroll along the beach at Raumati and  take a peek at some of those exclusive  beach front houses.   Like beach front property anywhere in the world, the sea view is worth it’s weight in gold.  Some of the properties were grander than others, but we imagine that even the more modest ones would attract a huge price.  This little home was dwarfed by a huge Norfolk Pine, and they were proudly flying the New Zealand flag.

DSCF0855 Little house, big tree and flag pole

Coastal erosion is a big problem and most home owners erect some sort of wall to protect their boundary.  Then others do not.  With the threat of global warming perhaps beach front properties will disappear in time.  These next two property owners didn’t seem to be doing much to protect their investments.


We came across this open top gazebo fitted with glass panels to keep out the chilly sea breezes.  The owner gave us a cheery wave as we passed by and snapped some photos.

DSCF0866  As we walked back to the cars we came to the conclusion that beach front properties were well out of our price range!!  We would make do with an ice-cream instead.  

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