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Monday, 30 March 2009

94 Not Out

We called in to see Jenny’s Aunty Win over the weekend.  She lives in a Retirement complex in the Wairarapa.  The fine old house was originally a vicarage and is about 100 years old.  This has been added to with 10 self contained studio units, and communal dining and lounge areas.

DSCF0926 The 100 year old former vicarage – now a retirement home

  Aunty Win is now 94 but still as sharp as ever.  She and Jenny’s Mum were sisters, but sadly Aunty Win is now the last one of that generation.  She was keen to hear all about our recent overseas trip, but commented that overseas travel was certainly not an option in her young day. 

Although she is not quite as nimble as she was, Aunty Win still gets out for a walk most days.  And she cleans her own unit.  She is adamant that she does a much better  job of cleaning than those young girls who come to clean for some of the other residents!!

DSCF0928 Jenny and Aunty Win

“Nothing much ever happens here”, Aunty Win said, “except when the man next door makes toast at midnight and sets the smoke alarm off.  And he’s always doing it!!”. 

Good on you, Aunty Win, keep on keeping on.  We think 94 not out is pretty good going.

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