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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Night at the Races

Ladies – wear hats and gloves.  Gentleman – hats and ties.  Those were the instructions we were given for Saturday night at the caravan rally at Greytown.  Mmmm, wonder what that’s all about?

So we dressed accordingly and paddled through the rain to Bev and Andy’s large awning after dinner.  We were having a night at the races, we were told.  First up was a group photo of us all in our finery.  The camera was set up ready and waiting on a tripod.  We were all arranged to Bev’s liking, then she set up her camera to the delayed function.  Pressing the button, Bev quickly sat down with the rest of us, and “flash”, the group photo was taken.  That’s certainly very clever.

Greytown races 2 Dressed for the Races

Then we were off to the races.  Everyone was given a bag of “funny money” to bet with, as well as a race book.  Bev was running the tote which was duly opened for business and we all placed our bets.  Andy had made the racetrack the horses which were all set up on a large table, as well as being in charge of the dice.  Two dice were thrown each time.  One denoted the number of the horse, and the other how many spaces it could move.  The excitement mounted as the winners were getting closer to the finish line.

DSCF0788 Placing a Bet

The races with water jumps and hurdles caused some frustration to the punters.  The horses had to get a particular throw of the dice before they could continue over the obstacles.  This caused a serious backlog as number after number was called, but not the correct one to get the horse moving!

DSCF0789Chief  Course Steward

As the evening wore on the betting was getting heavier.  Some of our group made a fortune, but poor Jenny was the only one who did not get a single collect.  Never mind – she won a prize for “best hat” instead.  Special thanks to Andy for all the time he put into making the evening a great success, and to Bev for being an excellent bookie.

DSCF0786 Who’s this Glamorous Couple?

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