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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sun Power

We’ve got power, just had a solar panel installed on the caravan to boost the battery output. This is all part of our grand plan to be a little more self sufficient. We are thinking ahead for when we give up our day jobs and travel around this wonderful country of ours.


We purchased a 85watt Solar Panel from Ward’s RV in Lower Hutt, and they did the installation for us at their workshop. First step was to fit the brackets to the panel. Jarrod then climbed up on a ladder and washed down the roof, to remove all particles of grit and dirt.


Washing down the roof to prepare for installation

Then the microwave was removed. This allowed space for the cables to feed down from the roof. Then the installer carefully climbed on the roof of the caravan. Holes were drilled for the fittings and cabling. The solar panel was then put in place and all the holes riveted and sealed. The cable was threaded through the roof and the opening sealed. It was taken down behind the fridge, under the floor, and attached to the battery.


Attaching the Solar Panel

Next step was to fit the controller just inside the door. The cover was removed from the solar panel and it started working immediately. All this work took about 4 hours.


Wiring up the Control Panel

Robin has been out checking the control panel regularly and it all seems to be working fine. The real test will be when we have our next non-power rally and the solar panel should keep our battery in tip top working order.

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