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Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Walk on the Beach

Our happy band of walkers crossed the stream over the wooden foot bridge.  “This is the sort of bridge that should have a troll under it”, Graeme quipped.  Perhaps it has but we didn’t see him.  Once over the bridge we were ready for our walk along the beach.

DSCF0846 Don, Peter, Graeme and Jenny starting off on their walk

The brooding bulk of Kapiti Island hovers off the coast.  This was the impregnable stronghold of Te Rauparaha , the legendary Maori warrior,who led many raids from the island in the 1820s.  These days Kapiti Island is a nature reserve and home to many endangered native birds.

DSCF0858 Kapiti Island

The balmy sea breezes made us forget that it is now Autumn.  There was lots of wildlife around.  A group of Variable Oystercatchers ran up the beach ahead of us.  These are handsome birds clothed in glossy black plumage set off with bright orange beaks.  As well as eating shell fish, these birds also feed on insects.  They all looked so plump and healthy and in excellent condition.

DSCF0875 Oyster-catchers on the beach

A large group of gulls settled on the beach and in the shallows.  All these seabirds attest that there are plentiful  fish and shellfish  in these waters.  Off shore was a boat enjoying the good conditions.


We came across this “beach art”.  Someone had been busy turning various pieces of driftwood into something arty.  The piece in the front looked remarkably like an crocodile!!

DSCF0868 Beach Art

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