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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Working for a Living – Jenny

Nestled against the Eastern foothills in Upper Hutt is where Jenny spends her working days.  The workplace is a Processing Centre for a Government Department.  She works in the Data Capture area, sitting in front of a computer, day after day.  As a “temp” she is employed by the Agency which supplies temporary staff as required to meet the business needs, and is not a government employee.


The setting for this huge building is rather attractive.  The hills close by are covered in native bush ringing to the sounds of birdlife.  The cicadas sing their hearts out during the hot summer days.  A little stream gurgles through the property and is home to a large population of Mallard ducks.There are a couple of cats in residence who are well looked after by kind hearted staff members.  The greedy ducks often gobble up the cat food if they think they can get away with it.

DSCF0778 When Jenny first started work here she was a little disconcerted to discover that a property in the same street is well fortified with high fences a a stout gate.  However,  the occupants go about their own business, and do not cause any trouble to the hundred of staff that pass by each day.  There are a couple of large dogs well contained inside the property who occasionally take umbrage to passers by.  Otherwise, they are model neighbours.  Check out this sign on their gate.

DSCF0748 The main attraction of working here is the closeness to home, just a ten minute drive away.  This certainly beats joining the rush hour traffic to commute into the big city. 

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