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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Fig Tree Revisited

It was a matter of  “Better Late than Never” today  - to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  We couldn’t fit it in last November with one thing and another and decided to leave our celebrations till March.  So we met up with our SLG friends for lunch at Jenny’s favourite cafe, the Fig Tree.  Twelve of us met for lunch, including Beatrice and Ashley who were passing through Wellington after spending some weeks touring the South Island in their camper van.  What to have?  There were plenty of choices from the menu, and everyone's meals looked very tasty.

DSCF0808 Enjoying lunch at the Fig Tree

After a leisurely lunch everyone came back home with us for a glass of bubbly.   Then we had a spot of nostalgia while we watched a slide show of our 25 years together.  Didn’t we look young way back then!  There were slides of family, our SLG friends on various outings, and caravan rallies too.  Next up was a slide show of our overseas holiday.  Robin had laboured long and hard over this, editing the photos and adding words and music.


Banners and Balloons

Then it was time to cut the cake.   As we sat around enjoying our slice of  Black Forest Gateaux we reminisced about all the years of friendship we have shared with this group of people.  We had a lovely afternoon – what did it matter that it was “Better Late than Never”?


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