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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Hearts of Love

A new quilt for our 25th anniversary?  Why not!  And what would be more appropriate than a quilt full of hearts and stars.

The hearts came from an internet “St Valentines Block Swap” from some years ago.  The idea was that each quilter sends in a particular number of  red appliqué heart blocks to the organiser.  These are then swapped around and each quilter then gets the same amount of different blocks sent back.  Jenny stitched more blocks for herself then enlarged them all by adding “log cabin” strips.  This step resized the blocks from 9in to 12in,  to get enough to make a large quilt.

She put the blocks together using Friendship Stars in the sashing and repeated the stars in the border.  The quilt was commercially quilted with red thread in an lovely swirly all over pattern.  This  added extra colour and interest to the variety of cream fabrics used in the quilt blocks.


New technology (for us) produced the photo quilt label.  The label was designed on the computer and printed on the colour printer using “Jacquard” treated cotton sheets.  This worked very well.  Jenny loves photo labels, they are so personal and are a snapshot in time, and will certainly use this method of making them on the home computer again.

Now “Hearts of Love” graces our bed.  Don’t you agree that it looks pretty good?  May we have 25 more happy years together.


“It doesn’t matter where you go in life, what you do, or how much you have.  It’s who you have beside you”.


Derek and Dot said...

It looks beautiful Jenny, congratulations you too. Hope the docs visit went well.

Robin and Jenny said...

Thank you, this quilt took a long time to finish. I am just pleased that it was completed for our belated Anniversary celebrations.