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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Inaugural Leisureline Owners Club Rally

A whole posse of Leisureline caravans rolled into Bowentown Motor Camp on Friday and were assisted to their sites by a couple of keen young men.  Fitting 35 or so big vans onto the sites took a bit of doing.  Several people arrived early,  just because they could, and spent a couple of days enjoying some R&R.  The afternoon was spent catching up with people we knew, and some whom we hadn’t met before.  Everyone was happy and cheery, and as all owners of Leisureline caravans, it was rather like and extended family get-together!

 Leisurelines at Bowentown
Photo courtesy of Karen N Wilson Ratcliffe

Bill had a problem with his pump on arrival – all Val’s fault he said, as she filled the kettle to make him a cup of tea.  As often happens in cases like this, it took several interested campers to crawl under his van with him to see what was happening.

Helping Bill with his water pump problem

The festivities started off with “welcome drinks and nibbles” in the early evening,  provided by Colin Bates and the Leisureline team.  Colin welcomed us to this, the first Leisureline Owners Rally, and mentioned that it was Robin’s urging him to form a club that got it up and running.  He also thanked us all for our patronage, and commented that many of us are repeat customers of his Leisureline caravan brand.  Robin then got up to say a few words and reminded people that he was starting up a Gmail list for owners, as not everyone is a Facebook user.  This way he can pass on any messages when they are posted on the Leisureline Facebook site.

Colin Bates and Liz Gordon

Friday's sunshine didn’t make an appearance on Saturday, and by mid morning the gentle drizzle  changed to a more persistent downpour.  It was laundry day once again for me in the morning, and with no chance of hanging the washing out on the line to dry, popped it into the drier instead.  Many thanks to Andrew who put his coins into my drier as he was attempting to do his own load of laundry in the washer below.  But to be fair – I did send a message to him that there was still money left on the drier that he could use, as his washing was almost done.

People took advantage of the Open Caravan Tour mid morning and were invited to check out the differences between the caravans at the rally.  It was a great way to get ideas of other layouts, see what others had done differently to you.   There was a brand new van on site, so that was well worth a look through too.  There were people sporting blue polo shirts and caps all around the camp – especially produced for the Leisureline owners to purchase if they wished.

The blue shirt and cap brigade

The Questions and Answers Session with Colin and dealers drew a good crowd.  Colin stressed that his vans must be serviced regularly by his factory or his approved agents to keep the warranty valid.  Caravanners then brought up their queries, such as batteries, tyre pressures, water pumps, ovens  and fridges.  Good maintenance is very necessary, as is simple things like cleaning the dust from the back of fridges to keep them in good order.

Question and Answer session with Colin

The courtesy van did a great job of ferrying people from the camp to the Boat Club for our dinner.  And our group did a great job of filling up the many tables in the dining room.
The Bowentown Boat Club

We had a selection of hot ham, roast beef and veggies, with dessert to follow.  The chef told us he had made sticky date pudding especially for the ladies.

Dining at the Boat Club

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