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Monday, 1 May 2017

Last Days at Bowentown

Sunday started with a “Thank You Breakfast” at 9.00am, compliments of the Leisureline team.  Originally planned at 8.00am, this was deemed much too early a start on Sunday morning, so the time was changed to allow for the late risers.  We wandered down to the kitchen area to find the blokes busy on the BBQ, cooking up masses of bacon.

BBQing the bacon

The rest of the team was busy in the camp kitchen, with quite a production line going.  Fried eggs were cooking, a large pot of baked beans and another of spaghetti were heating and Colin was in charge of making the toast.  Not a bad Sunday morning breakfast at all. 

The Leisureline team cooking and serving breakfast

We certainly enjoyed our breakfast, as did the hungry crowds of campers who were also in the queue. The Lucky Van prize was drawn, and the winners were our Heretaunga Caravan Club mates and safari travelers, Don and Sandra.

Sunday morning bacon and eggs

After breakfast, some of the campers packed up and left to travel on or head homewards.  We waved goodbye to six of our safari friends, Geoff and Eileen, Barry and Dianne, and Don and Sandra.  Most of the remaining campers, like us,  were staying an extra night or two.  The remainder of Sunday was quiet, chatting away, and spending 5zees outside with the remaining people in camp.  That is -  until the mozzies and a squally shower of rain sent us scuttling back to our own vans.

After a last morning tea together, we waved farewelled  Val and Bill on Monday morning – and we plan to meet up with them again in a day or two further down the country.  Other vans hooked up and went on their way, leaving the campground practically deserted.

Practically the last ones here

Loved these cute little VW sleepover vans

A drive up the hill gave us a different perspective of the camp.  Instead of 35 Leisureline caravans all parked up together, now there are a whole lot more spare sites. 

Looking down at the camp from the hill top

We are moving on tomorrow, and the camp managers told us that next week a whole bunch of Lilliput vans will be visiting.  These tiny little vans won’t take up nearly as much room as all the Leisureline vans did.

Sea views of Bowentown

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