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Monday, May 29, 2017

Around the Village

There is always something happening in our village.  Neighbours going about their daily business, driving to and fro, or pottering around in their front gardens.  Our caretaker Danny is always busy, cutting lawns, washing windows, trimming trees, and anything else which needs doing.  The lamp outside our villa was playing up, sometimes it would go, then it had a hissy fit and wouldn’t oblige in the dead of night.  Danny came to the rescue to sort it out.  A new bulb soon fixed the problem.

Danny to the rescue

A visitor’s car had an altercation with a couple of brick letterboxes further around the village some time ago and they were finally fixed during the week.  I snapped a photo of the brickie surrounded with bricks and mortar as he worked at reassembling them.  The job took a wee while, as the bricks needed to be cleaned up and reused, but it was finally completed the following day.

I’m sure he knows what he’s doing

We enjoyed hosting our caravan friends (and neighbours) Dot and Derek for a celebratory lunch complete with a bottle of bubbly in the weekend.  What are we celebrating, they wanted to know?  Lots, as it turned out.  Their safe return from 3 months travelling around the South Island, and to wish Dot well on her upcoming UK trip.  And last but not least, my own good health results from a recent hospital test, so I can now breath easy again.  So all is good, and we enjoyed a lovely lunch together.  This was  followed by stories of their campervan trip, visiting places old and new, with tips of places to go when next we return down that way.

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Katie said...

Glad to hear your good news. :-)