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Sunday, May 21, 2017

An extra fitting in the caravan

There has been a little work done in the caravan over the weekend, accompanied by just a few terse words when things didn't go quite to plan.  But a trip to the local DIY shop to purchase an extra part soon had him working happily again to finally finish the job.  The caravan was now back in it’s allotted park and no power is available around there, so it is fortunate that he had battery drills in the toolbox.

  Back where it belongs

Robin was fitting a 12 volt battery charger for the cell phones.  I wasn’t allowed to supervise, and just as well, as I had noticed a cupboard door off it’s hinges at one stage.

Looking good

And it works well too

The fitting was trialed, and yes, of course it works, I was firmly told.  With the bits of saw dust from drilling holes soon vacuumed away everything was back to normal.  Great job done, I’d say!


Marilyn McDonald said...

Jenny, you do realise that supervision of men's jobs takes all of the diplomacy of someone extremely special and not biased by being a wife. So you automatically do not qualify.

Well of course you DO qualify, but Robin will never think so. The only way he will acknowledge that you qualify is if it was your idea in the first place; and in that case, you are open to being blamed for having a bad idea of he can't make it work.

Now tell me that isn't true and do so with a straight face and without your fingers crossed.

Eileen, back me up here! Geoff, ssshhh!

Cheers, Mxx

Eileen Turnbull said...

Marilyn, I hearty agree with you, but I also find you have to sew a seed of an idea (as long as you are sure that idea will work) and very gently nurture it, then it will turn into a great idea which have thought of. Then you have to keep you mouth shut except to praise and tell them how clever they are,

Jenny and Robin said...

This what the USA calls fake news. What lot of hogwash. A female conspiracy.
It was all my idea and when things are not going well all we need like another hole in the head is advice. Rant over.