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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A Welcome Home with Venison

We’ve been home several days now,  and spent our last night of the two week trip with Bill and Val at the NZMCA park at Marton.  This is always a nice place to stay, and we always like to chat to the friendly custodians who quietly go about the business of keeping the camp spic and span.  Quite often there is excess garden produce to share, and I came away with grapes on our previous visit, and feijoas this time around.  It’s only a short trip home, we left Marton mid morning and were home by lunch time.

Parked up at Marton

Then came the business of unpacking, and multiple trips from the caravan into our home.  Our friendly neighbour Bruce came to welcome us home with some frozen venison sausages and meat patties.  Bruce loves hunting and likes nothing better than to stalk and dispatch a deer while crawling around the hills.  Put it in the freezer, we were instructed, until you fire the BBQ up.  Thanks so much Bruce – much appreciated.

Venison from Bruce

Earlier in the week the caravan was taken down for a WOF, so we are all set now for more adventures.  And there is not long to wait, we are heading over to Carterton on Friday for a caravan club rally. Just for the weekend, and then we'll be home bodies again for a while.

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