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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Mangaokewa Scenic Reserve

There’s certainly something in the air – yet more swirling mist greeted us early in the morning at Piriaka Park – originally the site of the former Kaiticke  Co-op Dairy Co.  The sun soon chased the mist away, and all the chickens from next door came calling.  I had a bunch of grapes which were looking rather sad, but the chickens didn’t mind.  They swarmed around, happily pecking at the soft and overripe grapes and in no time at all, they disappeared.

Who knew chickens liked grapes?

It was an uneventful trip north and we scouted around the edge of Te Kuiti to arrive at the delightful Mangaokewa Reserve.  Recommended by Bill and Val, this was a new venue to the rest of us.  Up the long drive we went, surrounded on all sides by beautiful native bush, and dropped under an exceedingly tall rail bridge.


The park was humming,with day trippers, families with dogs, and lots of tourists staying overnight in those tiny cramped cars.  We just managed to find room for our five vans, backing up to the river.


Mangaokewa is known as “The Stones of Kewa” and this portion of magnificent native forest is reminiscent of what New Zealand looked like in the dawn of time.  Before settlers arrived and felled the mighty trees, cleared the forests for farms and introduced pests like possums and rats which devastated  the birdlife.

Cliffs across the river from the camp

There was a interesting little one person swing bridge which I carefully crossed.  But I didn’t take advantage of the bush walk through the dark forest – who knows what I might find in there?

Swing bridge over the river

Geoff and Eileen left us on Wednesday morning, and we will be catching up wit them again of Friday afternoon when we arrive at the inaugural Leisureline Owners Group Rally at Bowentown.

Off they go

Our next stop is not too far away at Otorohanga.

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