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Friday, 21 April 2017

Off we go again

It’s not a bad day for a trip.  There is a clear blue sky, and the early morning sunshine is kissing the hills behind our home.   We are away for two weeks, and taking the driving in nice easy stages.

A good day for a road trip

But first the caravan had a bit of a spruce up yesterday to wash the dust and dirt away.  Robin cleaned high and washed the top of the awning, and then all the paintwork got washed down.

Getting ready for another trip

First stop today was Sanson, to top up with fuel, then on to Marton, just in time for lunch – a 70km drive today.


We are staying at the NZMCA site at Marton, quite a favourite of ours.  When we arrived, the camp was quite empty, with all the overnighters moving on in the morning before we arrived.  We found ourselves a site, signed the book, paid our fees, and settled down in the sunshine.

Here we are at Marton for the next two nights

The camp is surrounded by many mature trees, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing.  Down the far end of the camp we could see the bell tower of the local church just peeping through the trees.

Church bell tower

With a little shopping to attend to in the afternoon, followed by a visit to friends, we didn’t return to camp till 5.00pm or so.  And as to be expected, the numbers at the camp had increased dramatically while we were out and about, up to about a dozen or so, and no doubt others will trundle in later in the evening.

We are expecting caravan buddies to meet up and join us tomorrow (Saturday), and then our adventure will begin.  The pair of us decided to arrive a day early, just because we could.

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Nancy J said...

That road sign looks so familiar, and if you hop to the other side of the road, there is ours. Lovely to catch up with you, and I am guessing it was a cool start today for you too.