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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Over Stayers and Fire Engines on Easter Monday

It wouldn’t be a long weekend away without running out of gas, would it?  Being off power, both the fridge and hot water were quietly gobbling up the gas, and sure enough, the gas refused to light when I was all set to make our breakfast cup of tea.  It could have been much worse, when the beep, beeps and the flashing red light on the fridge lets you know the gas has run out in the middle of the night.  Robin soon replaced the empty cylinder with a full one, and kitchen service was resumed.

Changing the gas cylinder

We met in the hall for morning tea, the final raffles were drawn, but no, we weren’t lucky enough to win one of the prizes.  Then the National Rally was officially closed and we enjoyed a cuppa together before people packed up and went home.

There was some new technology to check out – Geoff and Eileen have just purchased a new “Motor Step” to make things easier getting in and out of their caravan.  With the a push of the button, it gently glides up, or down.  Such a clever idea indeed.  Reminds us of “Are you being Served”  Level 3 – Lingerie perhaps?  I had to have a try too, stepped on, pushed the button, and glided up to the doorway!

Coming down

Campers were soon hooking up their vans, saying their goodbyes and setting off on the homeward journey.  There was also the option for “over stayers” to stay over on Monday evening, and about half decided to take advantage of this offer – including us.  The rain came down in a deluge, and when it finally stopped,  I climbed up the staircase again to get another photo of those remaining for an extra night.

Half full, or half empty?

The heavy showers continued off and on all afternoon, and the drains couldn’t cope with all the water.  We ended up paddling to and fro through water inches deep!  But a rainbow made an appearance, promising that the rain would soon stop.

Rain, rain, go away

Preparations got underway for the Over-stayers Dinner in the late afternoon.  Cooks were busy in the hall kitchen cooking up pikelets for dessert while the rest of us were enjoying 4zees.  Goodness knows what they were getting up to in the kitchen but the cooks set the fire alarm off.  As the alarm was ringing in our ears a disembodied voice kept repeating, “evacuate the building, evacuate the building”, and we stood outside the hall in the drizzly rain.  Sure enough, sirens sounding, a fire engine soon arrived.

Fire engine to the rescue

The crew donned their heavy tanks, and entered the hall, to check things out.  Goodness knows what they thought of our bunch of geriatric campers all milling around.  They had to search through the other rooms attached to the hall, just to make sure that nothing else was amiss, and in doing so, set the burglar alarm off as well.  Then a second fire engine arrived.

Then there were two

After all that excitement, we were finally allowed back into the hall, and the fire engines departed.  Luckily the blokes cooking our shared evening meal of sausages, meat patties and onions out on the porch didn’t make enough smoke to recall the engines.  With the addition of coleslaw and bread and butter, it was a simple but tasty meal indeed.  With pikelets, jam and whipped cream to follow, yummy.

Grub’s up!

The Gisborne club did a “wooden spoon presentation” to one of their members, all taken in good spirit.  Sorry, but I didn’t catch the name of the giver, or the receiver, but it seems that this was the bloke who set the fire alarm off while cooking the pikelets in the kitchen!

It was all his fault, it seems

It was a great weekend, and so nice to catch up with people from other clubs whom we hadn’t seen for a while.  Although we had no luck with the raffles, but we did receive Easter Eggs and Easter Buns.  And staying an extra day meant that we missed most of the Easter road traffic.


Thyme Travellers said...

I did a double take when I looked at the photo of the overstayers. We have the same Sterling caravan - and red tow wagon too. Funny coincidence.

Jenny said...

A coincidence indeed! Sorry not to reply directly but your comment arrived as a "non-reply".