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Sunday, 9 April 2017

It’s getting a little nippy

Autumn has well and truly kicked in now, down here in our bit of paradise.  All of a sudden, it seems, the early mornings and evenings are feeling rather nippy.  Our home is warm and cozy, and after months of sleeping with the bedroom window open and just the sheet over us,  this week has been much cooler and we now have to pull the duvet up as well.  The heat pump has been turned on for the first time this season, and a couple of chilly evenings had us hunting for our slippers while we relaxed in front of the TV.  But the autumn days are usually sunny and settled, so that makes up for feeling a little chilly around the edges.

View over the back fence

Rose hips - another sure sign of Autumn

The long Easter weekend is coming up fast, and we are looking forward to attending the CCNZ Ester Rally. It is being held in Foxton this year, a mere 20km or so away.  We do hope the Easter Bunny knows where to find us with those delicious chocolate eggs and spicy buns.


Katherine said...

Hiya jenny and robin, do you know what's happened to angela ( licorice allorts) she hasn't blog since last year.I do miss her blogs. Kindest regards, Katherine

Jenny said...

Hi Katherine

It's a shame that Angela doesn't blog anymore, we used to enjoy reading about her adventures too. But we believe she is on Facebook and NZMCA Forum from time to time. Sorry we couldn't reply to you directly but your message came as a "non reply blogger".

Katherine said...

Thank you for your reply. Regards Katherine