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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Saturday - Pancakes for Breakfast

With the promise of a pancake breakfast, most of the campers were up bright and early on Saturday morning.  Blokes and barbeques were everywhere.  Bacon was sizzling away, pancakes were being poured on to the hot plates, bananas were sliced in half, and maple syrup was waiting.  The smell of cooking bacon was delicious indeed.

Cooking up a storm

We had taken plates and cutlery into the hall, and waited for the call for breakfast.  The hall was filling up fast.

Flipping those pancakes

The call “Come and get it”, or words to that effect soon had us queuing up to collect our tasty breakfast.  Which was soon demolished.  Then the call went out for seconds, and honestly, we just couldn’t help ourselves.  Many thanks to the Gisborne club for organizing the breakfast.

Happy campers eating their pancake breakfasts

After lunch we took a walk up town for a couple of necessities.  Foxton is one of those towns decorated with murals, which is a great way to see the history of the area.  This particular mural shows the engine “Palmerston”, built especially for the Foxton line.  The engine carried both passengers and freight,  depicted here on the mural travelling through the main street of Foxton, about 1875.

The engine Palmerston on the Foxton Line

The Saturday evening entertainment was provided by Ian Farmer, of Feilding.  He kept our toes tapping as he played the sort of songs that we all remembered from our young days, and we sung along with gusto.

Entertainer Ian Farmer

And took to the dance floor, sitting down again when the creaky knees started complaining.  Enthusiastic dancers joined in the Gay Gordons, and the Chicken Dance while we preferred the more romantic trips around the dance floor.

On the dance floor

It was a great night, as we reminisced about dancing the night away in our teen years.  In the early days before our boyfriends had cars, we traveled by bus and train to Saturday nights, to meet up and get our dancing fix.  Those were the days!

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