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Saturday, 22 April 2017

We’re on a Safari – Day 1

There is a safari brewing, starting from Marton NZMCA site – and we arrived a day early.  Keen Leisureline owners are heading up to Bowentown for the inaugural Leisureline Owners Rally.  Why not take a leisurely week to get there?  Robin decided to plan a safari trip, first stop Marton.

While we waited for the others to arrive we enjoyed a couple of peaceful sunny Marton days.  I took a walk around the view the church that we could see peeping through the tall trees.  St Stephen’s Anglican Church, designed by George Frederic Allen, is said to have been modelled on Salisbury Cathedral, England, although shortage of finance led to modifications.


St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Marton

Merv and Joan, the friendly custodians called around to do their checks and cleaning.  They are such hard workers and the nice tidy camp is a credit to their endeavors.  With the kettle whistling we managed to convince them to stop work for a wee while and join us for a cuppa in the meeting room.  It was great to catch up with their news and hear some interesting campsite tales.  They had kindly brought along some grapes from their vine at home for the campers to help themselves.

Merv and Joan, camp custodians

We sat in the sunshine to eat our lunch, and watched as a friendly little sparrow splashed around taking a bath in one of the puddles.  He was certainly having fun.

Bath time for the sparrow

The first of our safari team, Geoff and Eileen arrived soon after lunch.  They told us they had been coming to   Marton for 39 years – this MZMCA site used to be the local motor camp.  Then during the afternoon Don and Sandra rolled in, followed by Bill and Val.

Our four Leisurelines in a row

We had afternoon tea in the meeting room,closely followed by 4zees.  It just happened to be Sandra’s birthday, which one, we asked, but she wasn’t saying.  Sandra had a chocolate birthday cake to share, thanks very much indeed.

Happy Birthday Sandra

Noel and Lynn arrived a little later and had to move their van several times to ensure they could find the satellite for their TV reception.  With that finally achieved, they joined us for 4zees, or maybe it was closer to 5zees by the time they arrived with glasses in their hands.  Most decided on the easy option of Fish and Chips for the evening meal and a delegation travelled into town.  Robin had been told by a camper earlier in the day which was the best Fish and Chips shop of them all – so that’s where they drove off to.

And the sun goes down in Marton

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Janice said...

Your trip is off to a good start. Good weather, scenery and friends. Enjoy.