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Monday, 24 March 2014

Pale Green Thumbs

We are the first to admit that we are not really great gardeners, but we can’t help feeling rather pleased with how our small garden is growing.  It is just a small raised garden bed, but things are coming along very well.   Our rhubarb plants are doing so well, growing big leaves like triffids, they seem to be taking over.  We are thinking of taking them away from the veggie garden, to another plot just for them.  Nothing beats hot rhubarb crumble for pudding, and we rather like cold stewed rhubarb with our breakfast cereal.  Or tomatoes just picked off the vine.  They are also growing very well too, as is our silver beet.  We have also just planted a passion fruit plant against the fence, and Robin and Bruce  made a frame for it to climb up just last week.  I do hope that this grows and thrives, as I have wonderful childhood memories of sitting on a swing seat at my friend’s home gorging ourselves on wonderful purple passion fruit.

P3100016 Our garden is growing well

The small lemon tree, a gift from friends not long after we moved in, is also a success story, and is covered in lemons.  It is such a tiny little young tree, it hardly seems big enough to be fruiting.

P3120004 Lemons galore

Guess it is a matter of good luck that everything seems to be doing quite well.  We have experienced a couple of failures though, we couldn’t even grow a row of lettuces – the poor things shrivelled up and died on us, and the cabbages did not do well either.  Perhaps our pale green thumbs aren’t quite green enough yet.  Although we are just learner gardeners, it is quite good fun really, seeing most things grow successfully.

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Allison said...

Sounds very relaxing, and you get to eat what you grow. I use to love gardening and had a small veggie patch that gave us salad most nights for half of the year.