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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

In the Wilds of Benneydale

It was time to head for home, moving slowly southwards, so it was goodbye to our overnight stop at Glenview Club.  We headed down SH3 and stopped at Otorohanga, well known for the Kiwi House.  No time to visit the real kiwis today – but we did see these two very large kiwis outside the Info Centre.

P3040001 Kiwis outside the Info Centre at Otorohanga

Geoff went on a hat buying mission from Haddad Menswear.  The company get their own brand of hats manufactured, 100% wool, and sell them at a very good price.  Robin purchased one from this shop last time we stayed here several years ago, and gets a lot of wear from it.  Then it was pizza for lunch all round, as the local pizza shop was doing a lunchtime special at $7 each, plus a free drink.  There was no way we could pass that bargain up. 

P3050015 Geoff looking very smart in his new hat

We turned off onto SH30, towing the caravans up some rather steep hills and down again, then turning onto a narrow country unsealed road for several kms till we found our stop for the night.  This was on a sheep farm and we parked in front of the shearing sheds.  The lady of the house came out to welcome us, as we decided where each of us would park.

P3040004 Staying on a sheep farm tonight.

She has lived here for 49 years, she said, moving in with four small children, living in a tiny caravan for a while, and schooling the children with correspondence lessons.  As well as helping to run the farm and bring up the family, over the years she developed Tapuwae Gardens, covering 8 acres. 

Power was available from the shearing shed, so I climbed up to have a look.  An assortment of horse shoes were nailed onto the wooden rail.  

P3040005 The shearing shed
 P3040006 Wool bales in the six stand shearing shed

The small camping area has quite a rustic flavour, and boasts not one, but three longdrops!  To the uninitiated, a long drop is an unplumbed toilet, just a toilet seat over a deep hole dug in the ground.  But these three had been flossied up, doors on each cubicle, decorated with flowers, hand basins, paper towels and soap available.

P3040011 This way to the long drops

P3040010 Sign inside the toilet block

Wonder why farmers seem to be attracted to peacocks?  We saw some recently at Alfredton, and now again at Benneydale.  The peacock took off quickly when we arrived, and later we had a visit from his mate and youngster.

P3040013 Mum at the back and youngster in the front

We are staying here in rural Benneydale the one night, and moving on tomorrow.  Just hope that those strong wind gusts have died down by then.

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