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Friday, 7 March 2014

Morning at the Feilding Farmers Market

The Friday morning Farmers Market was a must-do this morning, and top of the list was a visit to the Curly Tater stall.  We had eaten these before and they are delicious.  The stall has had royal patronage too, when Prince Charles and Camilla visited a year or so ago, and the stall owner has a photo on display of Camilla enjoying her curly tater.  Wonder if they had to pay?  The Agria potatoes are ingeniously sliced into a continuous spiral, lightly battered then deep fried.

P3070076 Preparing the curly taters

P3070078 Enjoying our snack

We were waxing lyrical so much that Peter and Elaine decided to try one too.  They carefully watched them being prepared and didn’t take too much persuading to have a go. 

P3070079 Looks yummy, doesn’t it

We had a good look around the market, and contributed quite well to the local economy, purchasing honey, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, and a fruit loaf, all grown or made by local suppliers.

P3070082 Feilding Farmers Market

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