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Monday, 3 March 2014

Last day at Mystery Creek

Our last day at Mystery Creek was pretty relaxed.  Being Sunday, it was deemed to be just the right day for a bacon and egg breakfast, Robin’s speciality.  With a couple of essential chores done, such as dishes, shaking out the mats, topping up the fresh water, and disposing of some grey water, the day was ours to do as we liked.  Having previously checked out all the new caravans and motor-homes we wanted to see, entered various draws to win fabulous prizes, eaten at the outside Food Court, we felt we had just about done the show to death.  We all decided to attend the seminar advising on motor-home travel in Australia, presented by Gallivanting Oz.  Although well used to travelling the length and breadth of our own little old  New Zealand, the sheer size of Australia makes travelling there quite a different proposition altogether.  Not forgetting that Australia is full of crocodiles, and a multitude of poisonous snakes and spiders!  It was certainly a very interesting seminar, and we got quite an understanding of what is involved in this sort of holiday.

P3020039 Seminar about motor-home travel in Oz

There was another trip back in the afternoon to see which family won the Resene Caravan Do-up Challenge which had been taking place all weekend.  The contestants entered their own older style caravans in the competition, which had to be registered and warranted.  Resene Paints provided the paint, and curtaining of their choice, and there was a member of Resene’s giving  expert knowledge, but no practical help, all weekend.  The contestants had several challenges to complete, from upholstery, curtains and cushions.  Some wallpapering had to be done, this could be as little as inside kitchen cupboard doors, or wallpapering a full wall,  this was at the contestants discretion.  The final countdown took place, and three judges looked through the caravans and made their decision.

P3020005 The winners with their many prizes

The family with the red and white caravan were declared the winners, and walked away with quite a range of prizes.  Because of the time restraints, the contestants worked on the interiors, the front and one side only of their vans, but will be able to take home sufficient Resene products to complete the rest of the exterior at their leisure.

P3020006 Inside the winning caravan

During the day campers were packing up and heading home, and the number of caravans around us had decreased considerably.  During 4zees the men took quite an interest as the caravans and motor-homes offered for sale were driven away.  Some were tandem, with motor-homes towing a caravan behind them.

P3020010 Look, there goes another one

P3020011Tandem towing up the hill

With so many people on the road after the show, we decided to take advantage of the offer to stay an extra night, and will be leaving Monday morning.  Not that we are going very far, we are heading back to Glenview Club in Hamilton.

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