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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Packing the Caravan yet again

It’s time to pack the caravan yet again for a weekend away.  We are setting off for a caravan rally at Himatangi  Beach Holiday Park, run by the very friendly couple, Margaret and Dennis, a great place for a rally.

Our caravan Romany Rambler has been moved from the allocated parking around the back to the car park outside our house overnight, the power is on, and the packing is underway.  You would think after all our years of caravanning that we would have it down to a fine art.  But no, it can still take ages.  The club is having a Pot Luck meal on Saturday night, so the cook of the household had to get her thinking cap on and come up with a suitable dish or two to take. 

P3270028We are lucky there is a handy car park so close

Gypsy Rover is also parked close by, ready to get packed for the caravan rally too.  The motor-home is just a few houses away from Dot and Derek’s home, parked on a spare section. 

P3270029Derek and Robin chatting outside Gypsy Rover

Tomorrow morning the four of us we will make our way up the coast to Himatangi to join our caravan club buddies.  The weather man promises a nice weekend, so we can’t ask for better than that.

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