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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Barn Dance at Mystery Creek

The tickets said, “Grab your cowboy hat and boots, enjoy a roast meal before square-dancing the night away.” There were plenty of wanna-be cowboys sporting hats, we noticed, as we walked up to the Bledisloe Hall for the Saturday evening entertainment.

P3010027 Bledisloe Hall

The hall, although large, looked very plain from the outside.  Once inside, it was quite a different story.  Along each side of the hall were a series of different decorated rooms behind glass walls.  This was a peep into the past lives in colonial times, dining room, sitting room and bedroom, amongst others.

P3010034 Beautifully decorated colonial style rooms

We were joined at our table by our Wairarapa caravan friends, Rae, Dave, Lynn and Noel.  The wine on the table was sponsored by Leisureline Caravans, and interestingly enough, all of us were Leisureline owners except for Geoff and Eileen who have an Swift caravan.

P3010031 A couple of cow-pokes

Leisureline Table at Motorhome ShowOur table at the dinner

With just two members, a guitarist, and a young lady who was in charge of an Hammond organ, synthesiser and drum machine, the pair of them produced a lot of loud rocking music.   Unfortunately, no square-dancing took place so we didn’t get to practise our Do Sa Dos, Promenades, or Spin Chain the Gears.  Believe it or not, many years ago the pair of us were members of a local square-dancing club!  But we took our turn on the dance floor and shook our dinner down.

It was a fun evening in good company, and we all had a lot of laughs together.  Colin Bates, owner of the Leisureline factory, had a table at the dinner, so several of us went up to him to thank him for his generosity in supplying wine for the dinner.  At 10.30pm we decided it was time for bed and wandered our happy way back to our respective caravans.

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