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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Joint Rally at Bunnythorpe

It took us no time at all to travel the 10km from The Coach House Museum in Feilding to Bunnythorpe School.  But would we get in, we wondered?  Entry to the school grounds was through a narrow opening and it looked like the caravan in front of us had got stuck.  One side of the caravan seemed to be right up against one of the concrete pillars of the gateway.  The solution was to unhitch the car, and slowly push the caravan through, easing it away from the concrete.  Phew – the side of the caravan wasn’t scratched to smithereens as I had imagined,  then it was our turn.  Robin tried to line our 4WD and caravan up straight, and slowly eased through, bit by bit.  Thank goodness we made it without any trauma.
P3070001Not much room to spare on the sides
Caravans and a few motorhomes continued to arrive at the school for the joint rally hosted by Wellington Caravan Club.  By the end of the day there were 18 in residence from the three clubs attending, and we sat outside enjoying the sunshine.  Two members from our own club, Heretaunga, arrived with new car purchases that needed inspection.  Dot and Derek had a dark blue Nissan Tiidia, while Dianne and Barry had recently purchased a black 4WD Toyota Highlander.  Any new car or caravan seems to create a lot of interest amongst the car buffs.
P3080005Joint Rally at Bunnythorpe School
Train buffs amongst the caravan fraternity raced down to the railway line the next morning, cameras in hand, to try and get a good photo or two of the excursion steam train going by.  It wasn’t easy as the train rushed by on the track , but most managed  a photo or two.
P3088289-1Here it comes
P3088290Off in a cloud of smoke
Bill was having trouble with tuning his TV and Robin offered to help, armed with instructions downloaded from the internet.  It took a while but at last the job was done.  Just in time for Bill to watch rugby on TV tonight, he declared.
P3080003Bill and Robin trying to tune the TV
And check out what we are having for dessert tonight.  Lisa brought along a big bowl of blackberries from her garden to share, so we will be enjoying blackberries and ice-cream tonight.
P3080006Blackberries and ice-cream for dessert
Today is a free day, with some going off shopping, while others are happy to sit around and catch up with friends.  We will be gathering in the hall tonight for a bit of a brain teaser, and perhaps a convivial beverage or two.  Sounds like fun.

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