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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Glenview Club, Hamilton

It was just a hop, skip and jump from  the Mystery Creek venue to Glenview Club, a short 13km drive.  A bit like follow the leader as the others had no idea where to go. 

Then it was a matter of using the on-site dump station before finding ourselves a suitable place to park up for the night.  Next stop for me was a visit to the laundry, before heading out for a quick drive around the local area for a few supplies.  Plus cat food, don’t want Muffy to go short, do we?

P3030016 Glenview Club

Robin got chatting to the Club President, who outlined future plans for the grounds.  Twelve power points will be put in shortly, which will be a bonus for those of us who prefer to be on power if it is available.  There is plenty of room for others who are quite happy to camp off power.  The other change is to make the shower metered for a minimal $1 cost.  Plans are also afoot to lay down paving blocks to make a social area where campers can gather.  We did our bit by adding to the club coffers and met in the bar for 4zees.

Last time we stayed here, we were told about the local combined fish and chip and Chinese takeaway shop, and our meal there was very tasty.  So back we went again, for a combination of the two cooking styles.  We ordered snapper fillets and chip, plus a container of sweet and sour pork.  Once again, very tasty, and plenty of sweet and sour left over to do us for lunch the next day.  We passed a very sobering sight, a badly burnt house just around the corner.  Hope nobody was hurt.

P3030019 What a tragedy
We are travelling on today through Te Awamutu, Otorohanga, Te Kuiti, to our stop for the night, a POP at Benneydale.  Never been there before, so it’s sure to be interesting.

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