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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Up in the Gods

Our twinkling toes have been running up and down the pull down attic ladder into the storage space above the garage, putting boxes and cartons away.  That’s not quite true – there are no twinkling toes which do running in this household!  But we have been busy climbing up and down the ladder while we moved boxes around.  First thing that was manhandled up the ladder and through the opening at the top was a newly purchased bookcase.  No need to paint or stain it, it is merely to store all those books and manuals which we have to keep in case the computer or some other piece of equipment goes belly up.

Up went our suitcases, and two packs.  Then some empty plastic crates, the contents of which we had unpacked and put in their rightful places.  Boxes of photos too, we will have go through these some rainy day, I guess.  What else – Christmas decorations and lights, we won’t need them till the end of the year.

I was lifting up boxes and cartons, resting the edge on one step of the ladder at a time as I climbed up behind it.  The heavier boxes took a lot more effort.  Robin came up with a cunning plan – he secured each box with one of his ratchet tie downs, then hooked another through the loop.  With me pushing from behind, and him pulling from above, the boxes were swung up through the attic opening. 

DSCF4799 Up it goes

It was like a sauna up in the roof space – but it was a job that needed doing.  And for the first time since we have moved in, there is finally room to park the small blue car in the garage.

DSCF4801 Up the ladder, and up in the gods


Annette said...

What a fantastic space.....but please don't keep good books & especially photos up there, the heat will ruin them....I know from experience!!! If possible put extra insulation/lining on inside of roof to help protect your goods. Glad the little blue car is in it's home!!! Take care

Liam said...

The heat will age your books, and break down the glues in the spines. It is especially bad for your photos - you will lose all the color in them for a start!