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Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Waste-Master that wasn’t there

We didn’t notice at first.  Because there was a power switch on the wall, clearly marked “waste”.  But I did wonder – how on earth do I get the vegetable waste down that little plug hole?  Robin checked it out, then looked under the sink, before declaring that the waste-master which we ordered had not been installed!  The electrician has obviously does his part in the deal, but what about the plumber?  We got in touch with the  builder, who quickly organised a visit from plumber to complete the job.

A pleasant young plumber duly arrived.  He was obviously well trained, we noticed,  as he left his work boots on the doorstep.  We cleared everything out from under the cupboards for him, and while his back was turned, Muffy decided to oversee the job and jumped into the cupboard.

P3137874 I’m your supervisor

The plumber needed to cut a larger hole in the shelf to accommodate the waste-master unit.  But first the cupboard doors were removed to give him more room to manoeuvre.  The hole was enlarged using a jig saw.

DSCF4743 Putting all the bits together

Once the hole was cut, it didn’t take too long to fit the unit.  Now, let’s just make sure it works well.  No problem there, thank goodness.  We’ve had quite a busy week with workmen calling.  First we had the screen doors fitted, next our damaged bed base was replaced, and finally the missing waste-master was installed.  That should be all, we hope.

DSCF4745 Waste-master fitted under the sink

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