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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

No more nightly Strip Shows

Living in a house without curtains is rather like living in a fish bowl.  Each night and morning we had to get changed in our bedroom without a single bit of protection from prying eyes!  Makes the mind boggle, doesn’t it?  But in reality, it wasn’t quite like that.  The bedrooms in our new house face the back yard, with 6 foot high timber fences all around.  There are no neighbours yet each side in the two next door properties, and the back of our yard is bounded by a stand of tall trees alongside a busy road.  So it only felt that we we were entertaining the neighbourhood with the “dance of the seven veils” each evening.

The nosy neighbours will be missing out now that we have had our new curtains installed.  The first job was to screw the curtain track had in place.  All this reaching up and working over head height must really build up the arm muscles.  Lesser mortals wouldn’t be able to stand the strain!

DSCF4776 Curtain track going up in lounge

Then the remaining nets were hung, followed by the drapes.  There must have been even more strain on the arms as Raewyn from Ashton Interiors deftly placed a multitude of hooks into the curtain tape, then hooked these onto the sliders of the track.  Raewyn gave the drapes and Roman blind a tweak here and there until she was satisfied they were hanging nicely.
 DSCF4777 Making adjustments in the dining room

At dusk we went around the house and pulled the drapes.  Our lounge faces the street and we always felt that the whole village could see us watching TV through the large windows.  But they were probably all tucked up safe and sound in their own villas and not in the least interested in what we were getting up to.  It might have been a different story if any of them had climbed over the high fence and taken a peek in the bedroom window!  No chance of that now, last night we slept safe in the knowledge that one one can see in now our new curtains are in place.

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